• Department Head

  • B. Shankaravelu
  • Superintending Engineer (i/c) (Bridges & General Co-ordination)
  • Greater Chennai Corporation, Ripon Building,Chennai-600003
  • 9445190801     sebridges@chennaicorporation.gov.in
  • About Bridges Department

  • To improve the existing traffic infrastructure facilities to facilitate free flow of traffic in all possible directions and with a view to provide sustainable traffic management system for future requirements different types of Bridges are taken up by Bridges Department

  • Bridges Department is involved in constructing Vehicular Bridges, Culverts, Foot- Bridges etc., across the major waterways viz., Coovum River Buckingham Canal, Adyar River and Otteri Nullah and minor channels like Captain Cotton Canal, Virugambakkam Channel, Mambalam Channel etc., to connect the areas situated on either side of the waterways.

  • Bridges department is also involved in constructing Railway Over Bridges (ROBs)/ Under Bridges (Subways) in lieu of Railway level crossings aiming to reduce travel time and achieve fuel savings.

  • Bridges/Flyovers/Subways Maintained by Greater Chennai Corporation

  • As on date, totally 283 no. of Bridges/ROB/RUB i.e.,147 Bridges across Canals/Rivers ,16 Box Culverts, 23 Slab Culverts, 12 Rail Over Bridges, 16 Rail Under Bridges, 5 Pedestrian Subways, 6 Causeways, 40 Foot Bridges, 14 Grade Separators and 4 Foot Over Bridges are being maintained by Greater Chennai Corporation.

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    Routine maintenance of bridges will be carried out by respective Zones and Special nature of Structural maintenance of bridges will be carried out by Bridges Department.

  • List of Bridges

1 Cause way 4 2 - 6
2 FLYOVER 3 9 2 14
3 FOOT BRIDGE 10 24 6 40
4 Pedestrian Subway 1 4 - 5
7 Bridge across River 29 104 14 147
8 Box culvert 7 6 3 16
9 Slab/Pipe culvert 2 11 10 23
Total 69 178 36 283
Cause way - 6 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 II/17 Causeway across puzal surpus water canal connecting kosapoor and mathur
2 II/17 Causeway across puzal surpus water canal connecting theeyampakkam and vadapreumbakkam
3 II/18 Amullaivoyal causeway
4 III /25 Causeway at Kadirvedu
5 VII /83 Causeway at the junction of 38th street North Avenue, Korattur
6 IX /143 Causeway across cooum connecting Maduravoyil and Madha koil Nagar at Nolambur
Flyover - 14 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 V /53 Grade Separator at Vallalar Nagar at Mint junction
2 V/58 Doveton Junction Flyover.
3 V/61 Pantheon Road - Casa Major Road Junction Flyover
4 IX /110&113 Grade Separator at North Usman Road- Mahaligapuram Road junction
5 IX /115&111 Peters Road - Conronsmith Road Junction Flyover
6 IX /115&119 Peters Road - West Cott Road Junction Flyover
7 IX&X/117&136 Kalaivanar Bridge along G.N Road at the junction of Thirumalai road junction
8 IX/118&119 Dr.Radhakrishnan Road - TTK Road Junction Flyover.
9 IX /118&123 T.T.K.Road - C.P.Ramasamy Road Junction Flyover.
10 IX /119&121 Dr.Radhakrishnan Road - Royapettah High Road Flyover.
11 IX /122 G.K. Moopanar Bridge Along Cenotaph road and Turnbulls road junction
12 X/136 Grade Separator at SouthUsman Road- Duraisamy junction
13 XIII/175&176 Sardar Patel Road - L.B.Road Flyover.
14 XIII/171&172 Sardar Patel Road - Gandhi Mandapam Road Junction Flyover.
Foot Bridge - 40 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 II/16 Foot Bridge across B- canal- puzal lake surplass water canal at Sadyankuppam colony
2 II/16 Foot Bridge across B- canal- puzal lake surplass water canal at Burma Nagar
3 IV/34 Foot bridge at Chinna Kulanthai st., and Chinna Thambiran st across Simphson canal
4 IV/35 Foot bridge at Muthamizh Nagar 145th st and Chinna Kodungaiyur Salai across Kodungaiyur Channel.
5 IV/35 Foot bridge at TVK Ist Link Road Foot and Bridge connecting Vivekananda Nagar and Rajiv Gandhi Nagar 19th West Cross Street across Captain cotton canal
6 IV/35 Foot bridge at Meenakshiamman Koil street across Kodungiyur canal
7 IV/35 Foot bridge at Kaveri salai and Tondiarpet high road across Kodungaiyur Channel
8 IV/36 Foot bridge at Ambedkar salai and Ethiraj samy salai across Captain cotton canal.
9 IV/36 Foot bridge at East & West Indira Nagar across Captain cotton canal.
10 IV/37 Foot bridge at Krishnamoorthy salai at MKB Nagar
11 VI/78 Foot bridge at Vasuki Street
12 VIII/102 Foot bridge at Mandapam Road opp. to Water Analyst Laboratory Kilpauk. Water Works [across Otteri Nullah].
13 IX/117 Foot bridge at sathyamoorthy Nagarnear S.C Board no of block across Mambalam Channel.
14 IX/117 Foot bridge at sathyamoorthy Nagar near across Mambalam Channel.
15 IX/117 Foot bridge at Thomas Road across Mambalam Channel.
16 VIII/100 Foot bridge at MGR Colony to P.H.Road across Coovum River.
17 VIII/105 Foot bridge at Veerasamy II st near MMDA Colony Bus Terminus.
18 VIII/105 Foot bridge at West Senthil Nagar and 100 feet road across Virugambakkam Channel
19 VIII/106 Foot bridge at Collectorate colony V Street across Virugambakkam Channel.
20 VIII/102 Foot bridge at New Avadi Road connecting Vinayaga Temple near Water Analyst Laboratory [ Otteri Nullah] .
21 VIII/106 Foot bridge at Kannagi Street across Virugambakkam channel.
22 VIII/106 Foot bridge at West MadhaKoil and Indira Gandhi Nagar across Virugambakkam channel.
23 VIII/106 Foot bridge at Metha Nagar at Raja Ram Metha Nagar across coovum River.
24 IX/109 Foot bridge at Thiruvalluvarpuram II Street junction with M . H Street.
25 IX/116 Foot bridge at Mattankuppam connecting canal Road and Railway station
26 IX/116 Foot bridge at Mattankuppam connecting canal Road and Kamaraj Salai.
27 IX/117 Foot bridge at Anbu Colony across Mambalam Channel.
28 IX/113 Foot bridge at Gangai puram near Guru nanak School across Mambalam Channel.
29 IX/113 Foot bridge at Gangai puram near Guru nanak School across Mambalam Channel.
30 IX/113 Foot bridge at Gangai puram near Guru nanak School across Mambalam Channel.
31 VIII/108 Foot Bridge across Virugambakkam canal at Andavar Street
32 VIII/106 Foot bridge across Virgumbakkam canal at railway colony 3rd st
33 X/137 Foot bridge across CMWSSB channel in between Veerapandiyan street & Pillayar Koil street (MLACD Scheme)
34 X/142 Foot bridge at Saidapet Bazaar Road (Steel ) near Saidapet Market
Pedestrain Subway - 5 Nos Canal
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 V/60 Rajaji Salai Subway near Beach Railway station.
2 VI/71 Jamaliah Subway near Perambur Bus Terminus.
3 VI/71 Raised Tunnels on either side of existing Perambur Subway. (Railway Lines)
4 IX/114 Ezhilagam Subway near M.G.R.Samathi
5 IX/114 Kamarajar Salai Subway at the junction of Bharathi Salai, Triplicane
Road Over Bridge - 12 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 IV/38 Vaidhyanathan bridge at Ellaiya M street
2 IV/47 Kathivakkam High road – Cochrane Basin road.
3 V/50 Mannarsamy Koil Street, Bridge west of Royapuram Railway station.
4 V/53 Parthasarathy Bridge west of Washermenpet Railway Station
5 V/54 Basin Bridge north of Basin Bridge Railway Station.
6 V/61 Gandhi - Irwin Bridge near C.M.D.A Buildings, Egmore.
7 V/61 Dr. Nair Bridge connecting Periyar E.V.R. High Road and Police Commr. Office Road, Egmore.
8 VI/70&71 Murasoli Maran Bridge at Perambur High Road to the West of Perambur Railway Station.
9 VI/77 Elephant Gate Bridge near Salt Cotaurs.
10 VIII/107 Dr.Gurusamy Bridge connecting Periyar E.V.R.High Road and Mc Nichols Road, Chetput
11 IX/112 Kodambakkam Bridge north of Kodambakkam Railway Station.
12 X/134&136 Rangarajapuram
Road Under Bridge - 16 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 IV&VI/45&70 Ganesapuram subway at Dr. Ambedkar College Road to the East of Vyasarpadi Jeeva Railway Station.
2 V /52 In Monegar Choultry Road near stanley hospital
3 V/53 Stanley Nagar Subway 1 & 2 along Cochrane Basin Bridge Road South of Stanley Nagar near Post Office.
4 V /60 Reserve Bank Subway at Rajaji Salai Near Reserve Bank of India.
5 V&VIII/61&104 Gengu- Reddy Road Subway at Egmore near Nehru Park
6 I/5 Mancikam Nagar Subway
7 VI/70&71 Perambur Subway at Perambur High Road to the West of Perambur Railway Station.
8 VIII/94 In Redhills Road at Villivakkam LC-2
9 IX/109&110 Nungambakkam Subway near Nungambakkam Rly. station.
10 IX/110 Harrington Road Subway near Pachaiyappa's College
11 X/135&137 Dheeran Sivalingam Subway connecting Doraisamy road and Brindavan Road.
12 X/135&137 Madley Subway connecting Madley road and Easwaran Koil Street on Southern Side of Mambalam Railway Station.
13 X&XIII/140/171 Thyagi Aranganathan Subway connecting Kannammapet and Reddikuppam Road.
14 X/142 Saidapet Bazaar Road Subway
15 X/142 C.P. Pavalavannan Bridge in Jones Road
16 X/134&136 Pedestrian cum two wheeler subway at Rangarajapuram level crossing
Bridge across River/Canal - 147 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 IV/41 Manali Bridge at Kathivakkam High Road near Amman Temple.
2 V/62 Stanley Viaduct Bridge. Opposite to central Rly. Stn.
3 IV/36 Suzhpunalkarai Dr.Ambedkar street
4 IV/37 M.K.B.Nagar Central Street Bridge connecting Meenambal Main Street.
5 IV/37 MKB Nagar Bridge connecting Krishnamurthi Nagar Sathya Murthi Nagar.
6 V/61 Binny Bridge Connecting Ethiraj Salai near Hotel Connemara.
7 V/61 Anderson Bridge at the Jn. of Pantheon Road and Ethiraj Salai.
8 V/62 St. Andrews Bridge at Junction of Ayya [Mudali] St and Pantheon Road at thewest of Chintadripet.(Arunachala road)
9 V/62 Laws Bridge at the Northern end of Ayya [Mudali] Street near Park Rly. Stn. Foot - over bridge.
10 V/62 Hutton Bridge [St. Marys Bridge] Near Pallavan Salai leading to Madras Central Jail.
11 V/63 Harris Bridge at the Junction of Blackers Road. (Adithanar Salai)
12 IV/35 Muthamizh Nagar Bridge at 5th Main Road.
13 IV/35 Muthamizh Nagar Bridge at South Avenue near Market.
14 IV/35 Muthamizh Nagar Bridge at North Avenue.
15 IV/34 Kadumbuliamman Koil Street Bridge at Kadumbuliamman Koil Street
16 IV/34 Tondiarpet Grass Form Bridge at Kadumbuliamman Koil Street
17 IV/34 Chinnandi Madam Bridge at Kadumbuliamman Koil Street
18 IV/34&37 Kamaraj Street Bridge near Moolakadai.
19 IV/34&37 Thiruvalluvar Nagar II Main Road. at Kadumbuliamman Koil Street
20 IV/34&37 Kodungaiyur Dumping Ground Bridge-1
21 IV/34&37 Kodungaiyur Dumping Ground Bridge-2
22 IV/34&37 Kodungaiyur Dumping Ground Bridge-3
23 IV/34&37 Kodungaiyur Bridge reaching to Burial Ground
24 IV/37 Mahakavi Bharathi Street Bridge at Mahakavi Bharathi Street.
25 IV/35 Thiruvalluvar Nagar III Main Road Bridge near Moolakadai.
26 IV/35 Ezhil Nagar Solaiamman Koil Street
27 V/111 Wallace Garden III street Bridge near Apollo Hospital
28 IV/46 Vyasarpadi Bridge on road leading to Magazinepuram in Erukkancheri.
29 V/60 Napier Bridge at Kamarajar salai near island grounds
30 IX/114 Adams Bridge, Swami Sivananda Salai,West of Napier Bridge
31 IX/114 Wallajah Road Bridge At North East corner of M.A.Chidambaram Stadium.
32 IX/114 Chepauk Bridge. Near PWD Office
33 IX /116 Sunkuwar Street Bridge Connecting Kamarajar Salai, Triplicane.
34 IX/120 Dr.Besant Road Bridge. connecting Kamarajar Salai Near Lady Willington School and Ayodyakuppam.
35 IX /120 Avvai Shanmugam Salai Bridge connecting Kamaraj Salai Near Nadukuppam.
36 IX /116 Pycrofts Road Bridge Near Venkatrangam St.,
37 IX /124 Mundakanniamman Koil Rd Bridge. Near Thannithurai Market, Royapettah High Road.
38 IX /124 Kutchery Road Bridge near Luz Corner.
39 IX /124 R.K. Mutt Road Bridge between Luz corner and Mylapore Park.
40 IX /125 Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai Bridge near DGP. Office.
41 IX /125 Hamilton Bridge at Southern end of Dr.Natesan Rd.,
42 IX /126 B.C. Scheme Bridge at Venkata Krishna Iyer Road near Sankara Mada, Mylapore.
43 IX /123 St. Marys Road Bridge near Warren Road junction.
44 IX /123 Dr. Ranga Bridge west of Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore.
45 IX&XIII /123&173 Greenways Road Bridge, South of Raja Annamalaipuram near Sai Mandir"Sundaram"
46 VI /69 Madhavaram High Road Bridge at Madhavaram High Road
47 VIII /100 Anna Nagar Bridge at 3rd Avenue near K3 Police Station, Aminjikarai
48 VIII /100 Naduvankarai Bridge connecting Anna Nagar 8th Main Road and Poonamallee High Road
49 VIII /106&107 Bridge across Cooum River connecting Metha Nagar Officers Colony 1st Street to Venkatachalapathy Street
50 VII/93 Choolaimedu Bridge connecting Chari Street and Nelson Manickam Road.
51 IX/109 Munroe Bridge in Mc Nichols Road near the Jn. of Harrington Road and Valluvar Kottam High Road
52 IX/110 Bridge at Thiruvengatapuram I Street near Nelson Manickam Road
53 VIII/104 Bridge along Bajanai Koil street
54 IX/109 Bridge along Sankarapuram III Street
55 IX/109 Bridge along sakthi Nagar III street at the junction of Aziz(Basha) Steet.
56 IX/112 Bridge along vanniar street
57 IX/112 Bridge along Minor Trustpuram junction of puliyur I main Road.
58 IX/112 Bridge leading to Varadajarajanpet junction of puliyur I main Road.
59 IX/112 Bridge at Ponnan Street junction of puliyur I main Road.
60 X/134 Bridge along N.S.K. Salai junction of puliyur I main Road.
61 IX/117 G.N.Chetty Road Bridge near Gurunanak School
62 IX/117 Giriappa Road Bridge at the junction of S.S.Puram & M.K.Radha Nagar.
63 IX/117 Vijayaraghavachari Street Bridge opp road to Anna Arivalayam
64 IX/117 Prakasam Street near CMWSSB Head Works, Valluvarkottam.
65 X /136 Sri.Thiyagaraya Road Bridge junction of North Boag Road
66 X /141 South Usman Road Bridge at the junction of South Boag Road.
67 X /141 Mupparappan St near the Junction of South West Boag Road.
68 X /141 CIT Nagar 4th Main Road near the Junction of South West Boag Road.
69 X /141 Venkata Narayana Road Bridge junction.of South Boag Road.
70 X /142 West CIT Nagar at North Road.
71 X /141 South Boag Road Bridge near C.I.T. Nagar Main Road.
72 X /117 North Boag Road Bridge at the Junction with Prakasam Street.
73 X /141 Madurai Veeran Street Bridge at the junction of Boag Road.
74 IX /111 Greams Lane Bridge leading to Apollo Hospital
75 IX /111 Greams Road Bridge near Metro Water Pumping Station.
76 IX /111 Haddows Road Bridge near Pycrafts Lane.
77 IX /111 M.G.Road Culvert near Commercial office Jn. Of Andersan Road.
78 IX /113 Nungambakkam High Road (Uthamar Gandhi Road) Culvert near L.I.C.Quarters
79 VI/64 Kolathur Bridge
80 VI /69 Box Culvert connecting Mukuntha Ramanujam Street and St.Mary's St
81 VI /71 G'Cattle Depot Bridge west side of Perambur Railway Station.
82 VI /71 Bridge at Egangipuram near Vyasarpadi
83 VI /73 Bridge at Pullianthope Main Road near GMR Plant
84 VIII/94 M.T.H. Road Bridge near Railway Crossing.
85 VIII/94 M.T.H. Road Bridge near Birual Ground.
86 VIII/95 Imayam Colony near 100 feet road in ICFr
87 VIII/97 Bridge at Muthamman Koil Street leading to Gopikrishna Theatre.
88 VIII/97 Bridge at Chakaravarthy Colony near New Avadi Road
89 VIII/97 Pipe culvert connecting soliamman koil st., and new avadi road.
90 VIII/106 Bridge at Veerapandi Nagar III Street near MMDA Colony Bustand
91 VI/71 Cooks Road Bridge at the Junction of Strahans Road
92 VI/72 Powder Mills Road Bridge at South of Powder Mills.
93 VI/72 Stephenson Road Bridge on North of B & C Mills.
94 VI/72 Dr. Ambedkar Bridge at Dr.Ambedkar College road near Slaughter house.
95 VI/75 Narasimha Nagar connecting M.S Nagar
96 VI/77 Pulianthope High Road Bridge near Gandhi Street
97 VI/78 Venkatesabatham road Bridge on road leading to Muthubathan st.
98 VI/75 Otteri Dumping Ground Bridge at Dumping Ground Brickklin Road.
99 VI/73 New Farrance Road Bridge at South of B & C Mills.
100 VI/74 Kellys Bridge at the Junction of Purasavakkam Hg rd and Medawalkkam tank rd.
101 VIII/98 Aspirin Garden Road Bridge connecting Kilpauk garden Road.
102 VIII/100 Anna Nagar Bridge in III Avenue road near Pheripheral Hospital.
103 VIII/102 New Avadi Road Bridge near Water Analyst Lab. and road leading to Aspirin Garden Colony.
104 VIII/102 Paliarasu Street Bridge near Kilpauk Garden Colony.
105 VIII/102 Anna Nagar Bridge near V.O.C Nagar Main Road.
106 VIII/101 Anna Nagar Bridge at I Main Road 'M' block leading to burial ground.
107 VIII/101 Anna Nagar Bridge at I Avenue near 'O' block.
108 VIII/101 New Avadi Road Culvert at Anna Nagar Opp.to Burial Ground.
109 VIII/106 Bridge at Collectrate Colony VI Street
110 VIII/106 Bridge at Nelson Manickam Road near Rajaram Metha Nagar
111 VIII/106 Amman Koil M.H.Colony at muth colony
112 VIII/108 Bridge at Govindan Street near Azad Nagar III Street.
113 VIII/106 Bridge at Azad Nagar connecting Collectorate Colony
114 VIII/108 Bridge at Dr.Subba Rao Nagar connecting Deivasigamani I Street & II St.,
115 VIII/108 Bridge connecting Mangala Nagar and Azad Nagar in Arumbakkam
116 VIII/108 Bridge at Veerapandi Nagar 1 Street near MMDA Colony Bus stand
117 VIII/106&108 Azad Nagar Collectorate Colony in Govindan Road
118 VIII/108 Bridge at Ko-su-mani Street opp.to Radha Kalyana Mandapam
119 VIII/108 Bridge at Vinobaji street near Subbaroa Nagar
120 IX/108 Bridge connecting Thiru Nagar and 100 feet road near Periyar Pathai.
121 IX/109 Kaveri Street at Gandhi Nagar.
122 IX/106 Bridge at Railway Colony III Street.
123 IX/109 Bridge at Vada Agaram Main Road at the junction of.Thiruvalluvapuram II Street.
124 IX/109 Box culvert at Vada Agaram I Street
125 IX/109 Thiruvalluvarpuram II st., - Thiruvenkatapuram II St near Nelson Manickam Road
126 IX/109 Abith Nagar opp.to Ghill Nagar Park
127 IX/127 Bridge connecting Ramalinga Nagar with Annammal Nagar near Chinmaya Nagar
128 X/129 Box Culvert at Thirukkumarapuram connecting VOC St., and Thiruvenkatapuram
129 X/127 Bridge connecting Godavari St., and Muthamiz Nagar near Chinmaya Nagar
130 VIII/108 Bridge across Virugambakkam Channel at Pari St near MMDA Bus Terminus
131 VIII/108 Bridge at Tamilar Veedhi
132 IX/109 Bridge across Virugambakkam Channel connecting Thiruvalluvarpuram 2nd st and Railway colony 2nd st
133 VIII /108 Bridge at Kamarajr nagar 3 rd street
134 X & XIII/142&170 Alandur Abraham Bridge in Alandur road connecting Saidapet west and GuindyThiru vi Ka industrial estite
135 XIII/172 Kotturpuram Bridge near Adyar South lock near Cancer Institute.
136 XIII/173 Thiru-vi-Ka Bridge near Theosophical Society.
137 XIII/172 Kotturpuram Bridge near Nandanam Tower Block.
138 XIII/173 Santhome Bridge at Santhome High Road junction of South Canal Bank Road near Foreshore Estate
139 XIII/172 Bridge near Cancer Institute, Sardar Vallabai Patel Road.
140 XIII /180 C.P.T Road Bridge connecting West Avenue Road Thiruvanmiyur.
141 XIII/180 L.B.Road Bridge at Junction of C.P.T. Road.
142 XIII/175&180 Bridge across Buckingham canal at Indira Nagar 2nd Avenue connecting Rajv Gandhi Road
143 IX /172 Bridge at Cart Track Road at Velacherry
144 XIII /172 Velachery Road Bridge near Government Transport.
145 XIII/177 Kakkan Bridge at Brindavan Nagar, Velachery
146 XIII/173 A.A.Scheme Road at Kamaraj Road Bridge near Kaliappa Hospital, Raja Annamalaipuram.
147 XIII/175 Bridge at sardar patel road near Cancer Institute near Madhya Kailash
Box culvert - 16 Nos Canal
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 III/24 Box culvert at surapattu
2 III/24 Box culvert at surapattu
3 III/24 Box culvert at surapattu
4 III/24 Box culvert at surapattu
5 III/24 Box culvert at surapattu
6 IV /46 Culvert Connecting Vyasarpadi Goods shed and C Kalyanapuram.
7 VII/93 Box culvert in lieu of existing causeway across Padikuppam canal at Padikuppam road, J.J. Nagar.
8 VIII/94 Box culvert at Baba Nagar R.K.Link road
9 VII/83 Box Culvert at Madhan kuppam across korattur surplus water canal
10 VIII/106 Box Culvert Railway II nd St
11 VIII /108 Box culvert at Deivasigamani Ist street Dr.Subrao Nagar
12 IX /117 Box Culvert across Mambalam canal at Williams Bridge of size 3mx3m (M.P.Fund)
13 XIII /177 Box culvert Across Rajbhavan canal connecting Tamilnadu Housing Borad Ist main Road and Mathiazhagan Street Nehru Nagar
14 XIV/188 Box Culvert at Narayanapuram
15 XIV/188 Box culvert at Ram Nagar 3rd Extn Surplus canal of narayanapuram lake
16 IV/37 Box culvert across kondungaiyur canal connecting T.H Road and dumping ground.
Slab/Pipe culvert - 23 Nos
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 IV/34 Pipe culvert at Vazhuthalaimedu High Road near Thiruthangal Nadar College
2 IV/37 Pipe culvert at Tindiarpet High Road across link canal
3 VIII/83 Slab culvert at the junction 57 th street of North Avenue, Korattur
4 VIII/83 Slab culvert at the junction 61 th street of North Avenue, Korattur
5 VIII/83 Slab culvert at the junction 49 th street of North Avenue, Korattur
6 IX/122 Slab Culvert at 'B' Block Sathyamoorthy Nagar across Nandhanam canal
7 IX/142 Slab culvert at Sudiammanpettai n ear Aranganathan Subway
8 X/131 Slab Culvert in Venkataraman salai at Choolaipallam
9 X/131 Culvert at Lakshmanasamy Salai at thr junction of 1st Sector, 1st Southern end.
10 X/131 Culvert at Ayyavoo 5th St. in MGR Nagar
11 X/131 Culvert at K.K.Main Road in MGR Nagar
12 X/131 Culvert at Pachaiyappan St in MGR Nagar
13 VI/65 Slab culvert across puzhal Surplus canal at Retteri Junction
14 XIII/175 Culvert at C.P.T. Road near Tharamani Road Jn.
15 XIII/175 Culvert at C.P.T. Road near Sarabai Industrial Estate.
16 XIII/170 Culvert at Arulayampet Salai near ACI Hostal
17 XII/156 Slab culvert across sembarampakkam lake irregation canal at VGN Lakshmi Nagar
18 XII/156 Slab culvert across sembarampakkam lake irregation canal at Aalvacherry
19 XII/156 Slab culvert across sembarampakkam lake irregation canal at VGN Blumin garden
20 XII/156 Slab culvert across sembarampakkam lake irregation canal at Rajeswari Avenue
21 XII/156 Slab culvert across sembarampakkam lake irregation canal at MRK Nagar
22 XII/156 Slab culvert across army land overflow canal at Mugalivakkam main road ner Golden super market
23 XII/156 Slab culvert across army land overflow canal at Sabari Nagar
S.No Zone / Ward Location of Bridge
1 IX/111 Foot Over Bridge at Haddows road
2 IX/113 Foot Over Bridge at Uthamar Gandhi Salai
3 IX/115 Foot Over Bridge at Peters road
4 XIII/171 Foot Over Bridge at Taluk Office Road