• Department Head

  • B.V.Babu
  • Superintending Engineer, (Special Projects & Bridges)
  • Greater Chennai Corporation, Ripon Building,Chennai-600003
  • 9445190852 / 25619824     sespecialprojects@gmail.com
  • Special Projects Department

  • The Special Projects Department, has taken up several innovative and unique projects.

    Under the Smart city fund important projects such as Pedestrian Plaza at Theagaraya Road, Smart Street Redevelopment at G.N.Road, Smart Street Redevelopment at Venkatanarayana road, Smart Street Redevelopment at South Usman road, Smart Street Redevelopment at North Usman Road, Smart Street Redevelopment at feeder roads to Pedestrian Plaza, Smart Street Redevelopment at Burkit Road, Cycle Sharing System, On street Parking Management System, Multi Level Car Parking at the junction of Theagaraya Road and Thanigachalam Road, Digital Experience Centre, Modernization of Kannamapettai Crematorium Suspension Bridge at Villivakkam lake and Green Building for ICCC & Smart Governance Centre have been taken up.

    Under the TURIF fund, Leisure Cycle Track along B-canal from Kasthuriba - Thiruvanmiyur MRTS station is taken up.

    Under the CITIIS fund existing Greater Chennai Corporation Schools are being transformed into Model & Smart Schools at various locations.

    Under the JICA fund and GoTN fund, Signal System and Road junctions are to be improved as part of Intelligent Transport System.

    Mega Street development is being taken up across 6 Areas in Chennai as part of redevelopment and revamp of neighborhood roads.