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General Revision of Property Tax , 2018


Government have ordered vide No. 73 & 76 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department dated 19.07.2018 and 26.07.2018, for general revision of property and should be carried out in all the Urban Local Bodies with effect from I/2018-19 as per the limits stated below:

      • Residential Properties                    : Not more than 50%
      • Non- Residential Properties           : Not more than 100%   

It is reiterated that Basic Street Rate has been increased from 10% to 50% for residential and 10% to 100% for non-residential properties depending on the area and locality.

Out of total 45856 streets, % of Basic Street Rates revised for residential and non-residential properties is stated below: 


Non- Residential

10% to 20%

11821 streets 

10% to 25%

1903 streets

21% to 30%

1453  streets

26% to 50%

2879 streets

31% to 40%

14469 streets

51% to 80%

18042 streets

41% to 50%

18113 streets

81% to 100%

23012 streets


45856 streets


45856 streets

During this general revision, area for nearly 4.6 Lakh assessments has been increased than the existing area available with GCC, through the information declared by the assessees through Self Declaration Forms and via inspections.

There are also some cases where, when the tax was fixed earlier, there has been suppression in area and error in calculation.  These properties were identified and property tax has been rectified now. It is to be noted that, even though GCC is fully empowered u/s 137 (b) of CCMC Act to collect arrears for any under-assessments identified, during this general revision no such arrears have been levied.

Special provision of “Verify Property Tax” has been provided in GCC website wherein:

  1. Using the "Generic Tax Calculator" Tab, the assessees may check the previous and present property tax at any street by simply entering the area and usage
  2. Using the "Verify Your Tax" Tab, the assessees can verify their property tax and calculation sheet by entering their registered mobile number.

It is also to be noted that adequate grievance redressal mechanisms are provided to the assessees. If any assessee feels that the tax is wrongly calculated, they can submit the appeal with the Deputy Commissioner(R&F) or Regional Deputy Commissioners, through written application or email adcrevenue@chennaicorporation.gov.in, rdcnorth@chennaicorporation.gov.in, rdccentral@chennaicorporation.gov.in, rjcsouth@chennaicorporation.gov.in.

A systematic appeal disposal mechanism has also been designed. Presently, all the appeals or objections are being numbered and enquiry will be conducted from next week by Deputy Commissioner(R&F) and Regional Deputy Commissioners, with regard to their objections and if required, inspection of the property will be conducted and final orders will be passed.

Hence, it is again emphasized that Greater Chennai Corporation has carried out the general revision of property tax in the utmost transparent manner and as per the Government order for general revision.


The property tax was revised in the year 1998 (i.e before 20 years).  In the mean time, Greater Chennai Corporation has spent several thousand crores of rupees to create and better the infrastructure of the City, like laying of roads, construction of bridges, storm water drains and community halls etc. besides implementing several social welfare schemes.

Hence, we request you to kindly pay the revised property tax in-time, to further strengthen the finances of Greater Chennai Corporation and enable it to further build and improve the civic amenities and services.