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Soild Waste Management

Soid Waste Management Department:

Headed by a Superintendent Engineer, the department looks after removal of solid waste which is a major responsibility of the Corporation. Every day 4500 MT of garbage is collected and removed from the city. Night conservancy is being carried out in all important roads and commercial areas of the city. Door to door collection of garbage is prescribed in all zones.


Per capita Generation per day 700gms
Estimated Generation of Solid Waste Per day

Garbage 4500 MTs.Building debris 700 MTs



Food waste 8.00 %
Green waste 32.25 %
Timber(wood) 6.99 %
Consumable plastic 5.86 %
Industrial Plastic 1.18 %
Steel & Material 0.03 %
Rags & Textiles 3.14 %
Paper 6.45 %
Rubber & Leather 1.45 %
Inerts 34.65 %
Chemical Analysis  
Moisture Content 27.60 %
PH Value 7.68
Organic Content 39.06 %
Carbon content 21.53 %
Nitrogen Content 0.73 %
Phosphorous P2 O5 0.63 %
Potassium K 2 O 0.63 %
Waste Generation By Category:  
Residential 68 %
Commercial 16 %
Halls, Schools, Institutions 14 %
Industrial 2 %
Hospitals & Clinics Separately disposed by Hospitals.

Solid Waste

Primary Collection

  • Fully with Manpower
  • Conservancy Operation  6.30 am to 10.30 a.m. & 2.30 p.m to 5.00 p.m
  • For compactors and tricycles from 6.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m.
  • Night  Conservancy between 9.00 pm to 2.00 a.m.

Each worker has been assigned with work schedule

Implements Used

  • Brooms
  • Baskets (Bamboo and Aluminum)
  • Brushes
  • Iron Plate (Penku)
  • Containerised push carts
  • Tricycles
  • Roto mould wheeled bins


  • Sweeping, collecting, storing in the specific bins.
  • Door to door collection of garbage
  • Collecting the Source Separated Waste from the House holds by Tricycles or Light Motor Vehicles for unloading in transfer stations.

Secondary Collection: (Transportation)

  • Street to disposal site.
  • Transportation to disposal site from transfer station.
  • Route schedules for each and every vehicle for each trip.

No. of Trips

  • Heavy Vehicles 2 trips per day.
  • Light Vehicles 4 trips per day.

Transfer Stations

No. of Transfer station available 8 + 3 (Added area)
Daily quantity of Waste transferred to transfer station 4000  tons  of garbage

Waste Disposal
At present Open dumping  and  partly covering with debris. For remediation of the existing Landfill  or scientific closure, International Expression of Interest were called and the developers were short-listed and the Request For Proposal is under preparation.
Number of Disposal Sites : Two
Dumping Ground:

Location Kodungaiyur
Extent Area around 200 acres.
Total number of years in use 30 Years
Neighborhood Within one K.M (are in existence)
Daily Waste disposed 2100 to 2300 M.T
Location Perungudi
Extent Area around 200 acres .
Neighbourhood Within 0.5 KM (formed after dumping)
Number of years in use 25 years
Daily waste disposed 2200 tons to 2400 MT

Best Practices

Source Collection

Collection of Municipal Solid Waste at source(Door to door collection) has been implemented in all Zones. About 95% of the households were covered under this programme.

This has been achieved only on introduction of Tricycles which stands as a wonder tool for better collection of MSW at door steps. Now about  2800 Tricycles are put in use. This has resulted in reduction of dust bins on road side.

Source Segregation

Source separation is promoted to reduce the waste coming to the Landfill, thereby increasing the life time of the Landfills.

  • Source separated bio-degradable waste (Organic Waste) can also be home- composted and used.
  • Source separated recyclables can be sent to recyclable units and only the inserts can be sent to landfills.

Media And Communication

Print Media Multilingual pamphlets& Newspapers
Mass Contact Rallies &Street plays
Involve Stakeholders NGO's + Welfare Associations
Electronic Media Awareness and Advertisements through Radio


No. of Sanitary Workers 11184
No.of Vacancy 1520
No.of Temporary daily wage workers 567

Infrastructures Created

  • Modern Transfer Station constructed at Zone-IV,V,VI, VIII, IX, X and XIII at a cost of Rs. 14.00 Crores
  • Cement concrete road to a length of  about 1 K.m has been laid for the passage of vehicles for disposal of garbage at Kodungaiyur Dumping ground at a cost of Rs.2.5 Crores.
  • Construction of Compound Wall at Kodungaiyur dumping ground has been completed at a cost of Rs.2.00 Crores.
  • 12 Nos. of Surveillance cameras were fixed at Koundugaiyur and Perungudi Dumping Ground  for monitoring the activities  from the Headquarters at a cost of 10.24 Lakhs.
  • All open garbage collection lorries were replaced by compactor vehicles for the transportation of garbage in a covered manner at the same time reducing the garbage in its volume by compacting them at a cost of Rs.42.00 crores
  • Procured 15 Nos. of Shredding Machines in zones-1 to 15 at a total cost of  Rs.23.2 lakhs for shredding  thin plastics below 40 micron   and shredded plastics are being used for laying of roads

New Proposals

Expression of Interest were called and developers were short listed and preparation of RFP documents are in process for the following new proposals.
1. Setting up of waste processing facilities
2. Reclamation of landfill sites at Kodungaiyur and Perungudi
3. Privatization of conservancy operations.