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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department operates and maintains a fleet of 1073 vehicles and equipments of various makes and models and is deployed for various functions as below:

  • Garbage and Debris Clearance
  • Street Light Repairs
  • Health Support Systems like Ambulances, Fogging Operations, and Cattle raids
  • School Bus for Educational Tours etc.
  • Maintenance of Parks and Centre Medians.
  • Inspection Purposes
  • Road Repair Works.

The fleet comprises of

Big Compactors (14 Cu.M. capacity)    - 161
Small Compactors (6 Cu.M Capacity)  - 161

To lift garbage from the dustbins placed in the streets, Compact the garbage and transport to Transfer stations.

Haulage Trucks                                       -  37

To cart bulk quantity of garbage from Transfer Stations to Dumpsites.

Tipper Lorries                                           -181

To Transport the debris from streets to dump sites

Electrical Ladders                                   -  22

For repairing of Street Lights.

Tanker Lorries                                         -  36

Maintenance of Parks and Centre Medians.

Excavator With Grappler                        – 17

The Grapplers are used for loading garbage from Transfer Stations on to Haulage Trucks, and desilting of canals by Health Dept., as part of anti malarial activity.

Front End Loaders                                 -   25

To load debris from streets to Tipper lorries, To make trenches, To remove encroachments, Sectioning garbage in the transfer stations.

Skid Steer Loaders                                -   57

To lift garbage/debris from interior roads/slum roads and load into debris lorries.

Bulldozers                                              -    3

Leveling of Garbage in Dump Sites.

Inspection Vehicles                               -    197

Inspection Purposes

Mechanical Sweepers                           -   13

To sweep and suck the fine dust particles deposited on the roads especially in the centre medians & water tables.

Cattle Catchers                              -           14

For Cattle raid purpose

Thermo fog mounted vehicle      -               28

For Fogging operation purpose.

Other categories                             -          97

Buses for Education, Tractors for the removal of garbage, Ambulances, Dog catching vans, etc.

Road Rollers                                  -            24

For Road Repair Works.

The Department also encompasses in its scope of activities the following:

  • Regular Disposal of condemned vehicles/equipments and iron, wood and plastic scraps by auctioning
  • In the Printing Press various printing works like IMRN Books; IMI Books; Registers & forms for Health Department; Education Department Certificates etc.
  • The CRS operates and maintains 24 Road Rollers which are deployed for road laying; attending to patch works.

The above functions are carried out with the following infrastructures and manpower.

  • The Mechanical Staff comprising of Mechanics, Electrician, Welders, etc are part of the Department.
  • The Administrative; Supervisory and Executive Staff comprising of Superintending Engineer, Executive Engineers, Asst.Exe.Engineers, Asst.Engineers/Junior Engineers and other ministerial staff play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the large department.
  • For cost effective and efficient functioning, outsourcing of maintenance activities like Operation & Maintenance of Compactors; Skid Steer Loaders; is being followed.


  Compactor Bins placed on streets are emptied in to Compactors which transport them to Transfer Station.

  Garbage unloading by Compactors at Transfer station and loaded by Excavator Equipments into Haulage Trucks which take these to Dump Sites.