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Legal Cell

     The Legal Cell in the Greater Chennai Corporation is headed by the Law Officer and there are two Asst. Law Officers (Working in Regional Deputy Commissioner office (Central and South), the Law Officer is also looking after the Court Cases of the Regional Deputy Commissioner (North) Office. The Legal Cell had support of  2 Superintendents,  11 Assistants, 1 Short hand typist, 2 typists, 2 Record Clerks and 4 Office Assistants.
There are  37  numbers of Standing Counsels; 13 Standing Counsels for High Court, 15 Standing Counsels for City Civil Courts, 3 Standing Counsels for Small Causes Court and Labour Court, 1 for Out Station Courts and Consumer Courts, 4 Standing Counsels for Criminal Courts, 1 Standing Counsel for National Green Tribunal and  one Advocate on Record for Supreme Court.

     There is a Legal Cell set up in High Court also consisting of  One Assistant, One Office Assistant, One Tax Collector and One Computer Operator. 
The Court Assistant sending the list of Court Cases listed every day to the Legal Cell by 6 a.m and after getting the same the details of Zone/Department/Case No/Subject and status of the case were forwarded in Whatsapp group (gcccourtcases) to all the H.O.D’s of Zone/Department by this it facilitates to mail the cases clearly and updates of the case status in the report and in L.C.M.S.

          The Notices & Affidavits from various Courts namely, Supreme Court, High Court, City Civil Court, Labour Court, Small Causes Court, Tamil Nadu Administrative Tribunal, Out-station Courts & Criminal Courts etc., are received in the Legal Cell. The Copies of which are being sent to the concerned Zonal Officers / Heads of Departments for the purpose of getting Parawar Remarks. After getting the Parawar Remarks from them, the same will be sent to the concerned Standing Counsels with a direction to send the Draft Counter Affidavits/ Written Statements. After the receipt of Draft Counter Affidavits / Written Statements from the Standing Counsels, it will be scrutinized and verified by the Law Officer of the Legal Cell. After getting approval of the Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner/Regional Deputy Commissioner, the same will be sent back to the Standing Counsels concerned with signed Vakalat for filing Counter/ Written Statement before the Hon’ble Court. 

     As soon as the order copies are received from the Courts, they are communicated to the concerned Zonal Officers/Heads of Departments with a request to comply with the Court directions and they are reminded periodically. They are specifically requested to comply with the High Court directions within seven days from the date of receipt of a copy of the order received from the Legal Cell.          If any judgement delivered against the interest of the Corporation, after getting the remarks of the concerned Heads of Departments/Zonal Officers. Corporation will prefer an appeal against the orders after getting approval of the Commissioner.  Corporation will also engaged AAG for sensitive cases.

          All the Court case are monitored by a Software L.C.M.S (Legal Cell Monitoring System) which will provide all the details about the case elected by the Corporation.   The Affidavit Copies are entered in this module as and when received from the Court and remarks are updated as and when received from Zone/Department and Court is updated as and when received from the Standing Counsel/Zone/Department.  Judgement copies are also updated in L.C.M.S by incorporating the Judgement in the Judgement Coloumn.  We are also uploading the order copies in the L.C.M.S so that it can be viewed by all the Zone/Department Legal Cell has scanned all the Court case documents which are dealt by Legal Cell and the concerned Zone/Department can view the document from their Zone/Department itself and can take print out of the same.            

 The Legal Cell is monitoring the entire stages of the cases by way of Legal Case Monitoring System (LCMS) pending before the Courts till the disposal.
Further the Legal Cell is rendering legal opinion in all the legal matters referred by the Zonal Officers/Heads of Departments. The Deputy Commissioner(Education) monitoring the Court Cases every day.  The Court cases were reviewed by the Commissioner periodically.