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Medical Service


Section of Maternal and Child Welfare:
     The Department of Maternal and Child Welfare was established in 1917 under Corporation of Chennai. The Family Planning Programme with field staffs started during the year 1956 and the same was Re-organized and Family Planning Department came into existence on 10.02.1967. The Maternal & Child Health Services and Family Welfare services were integrated on 10.02.1988 to provide the health needs of urban population in Chennai City under IPP-V project. With the implementation of IPP-V project in 1988, the Family Welfare Department and Maternal & Child Welfare Department were integrated. Under IPP-V project 10 more Sterilization Theatre Units (STU) were started in addition to 4 existing Post Partum Project.
      Before 1995, only normal deliveries were conducted in all the Maternity Centers.  During the year 1995 Elective Caesarean section were started in all Sterilization Theatre Units and in all Post Partum Project units.  Then during the year 2003, the 2 centers (i.e) Saidapet and Perumalpet were upgraded as Emergency Obstetric Care Unit, in which both Elective and Emergency LSCS (24 X 7) were started.  Then during the year 2009, the rest of 8 Sterilization Theatres Unit were also upgraded as Emergency Obstetric Care Unit.
      During the year 2012 Chennai City was expanded and 4 Zones namely Thiruvottiyur, Madhavaram, Ambathur and Alandhur were taken over by Corporation of Chennai from the respective Municipalities. The old 10 Zones were made functional as 7 Zones and 4 new Zones namely Thiruvottiyur, Madhavaram, Ambathur and Alandhur were added. During the year 2013 further New 4 areas namely Manali, Valasarawalkam, Perungudi and Sholinganallur were taken over by Greater Chennai Corporation from DPH as a part of Chennai Expansion.
     Under National Urban Health Mission, the Public Health Department and Family Welfare Department are brought under single roof so as to provide comprehensive health care. 
     Now the Greater Chennai Corporation is having 15 zones, under which 140 Urban Primary Health Centers are functioning.  One Urban Community Health Center per zone is functioning in all 15 zones except in Perungudi (Now 14 Urban Community Health Centers are functioning).  Apart from this 3 Maternity Hospitals with Operation Theatre facilities(Saidapet, Shenoy Nagar & Perumalpet) and 3 Maternity Centers without Operation Theatre facilities(Manali New Town, Thoraipakkam & Mugalivakkam) are functioning under Greater Chennai Corporation.
The services rendered at Urban Primary Health Centers

  • Treatment of minor ailments for all ages.
  • NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASE: Screening of adults for NCD Diabetes, Hypertension, & Breast Screening for Cancer is done.
  • Fever clinics for all fevers (malaria, dengue, swine flu, typhoid).
  • MATERNAL CARE: Early Antenatal registration, Antenatal care, Identification of high risk pregnancies and early referral Postnatal follow up, Motivation and Provision of Family Welfare methods after delivery.
  • CHILD CARE: Immunization, growth monitoring, Early identification of developmental delay &  early referral for intervention.
  • Voluntary testing and counseling  for HIV/AIDS.
  • Ultrasonogram done for Antenatal Mothers and for minor gynaecological problems.
  • School Health Program.
  • Adolescent Health Program (Weekly Iron Folic acid tablet distribution.)
  • Govt. Special programme - Pulse Polio, National Deworming Day, World Population Day, Intensified Diarrheal fortnight, Breast feeding week, Vitamin A camp, Mission Indradhanush, Special MCH camps, Dengue Awareness, Measles Rubella campaign  etc.
  • Surveillance of communicable diseases, Polio, Measles.
  • Revised National TB Control Programme.
  • Creation of public awareness – Personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, mosquito source reduction, nutrition.
  • Antenatal Clinics.
  • AN Registration with Antenatal Care.


  • Ultra Sonogram is being done at all Urban Primary Health Centers for every Antenatal Mother by trained doctors free of cost.


  • Laboratory investigations: Laboratory services for basic Antenatal, Communicable disease and for NCD.



  • Cancer Screening:

Cancer screening  for cervix with Magna vision which is available at all Urban Primary Health Centers 


  • Child Care Services :

Immunization services with all vaccines as per National Immunization Schedule is provided free of cost to all the children both at the Urban Primary Health Centers and also at their door step by outreach services.

  • Polio Eradication : (Government Special Programme)

Pulse Polio Programme was started in 1995 with two Phases in December & January.  With the implementation of Intensified Pulse Polio Program Chennai has been polio free since 1999. Polio free certification received in February 2014.

  • Out Reach Services:

Our field workers reach out to the beneficiaries directly at their door steps to provide services like Antenatal registration, Immunization, Distribution of Iron & Folic Acid to Adolescent girls for Anemia prevention, provide Oral Pills, EC Pills and Condoms for the eligible couples in the area during their field visits.


The services rendered in Urban Community Health Centers are as follows;

  • Treatment of minor ailments for all ages.
  • NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASE: Screening of adults for NCD-Diabetes, Hypertension, & Breast Screening for Cancer is done.
  • Fever clinics for all fevers (malaria, dengue, swine flu, typhoid).
  • MCH CARE: Antenatal care, Identification of high risk pregnancies, treatment and early referral if needed.
  • Sono - Mammogram:

This is available in 5 EOC’s.  With this Antenatal Scanning is done and also Breast screening is done.

  • HIV testing for all antenatal.
  • Delivery services :

The 24 hrs Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC) Units provide full time delivery services. Normal deliveries as well as Caesarean Sections are conducted 24 x 7 in all EOCs by Qualified Obstetricians. Labor ward is provided with Air-Conditioner for mother’s comfort during delivery. Sterile Disposable Delivery kit is used for each delivery (normal and Caesarean Sections). We have facilities for continuous foetal monitoring with CTG machine, and also facilities to provide assisted deliveries like forceps and Vacuum extraction whenever needed.

  • New Born Stabilization Units:-

NBS Unit started in 12 EOC’s for the New Born Babies
where the new borns are resuscitated and stabilized immediately after birth.

  • Amma Baby Care Kit:-

All our new born babies are given. Warm bed with mosquito
net and also a Gift set with dress, towel, soap and powder.

    • Family Planning Services :

 Temporary Methods :
Distribution of Oral Pills, Condoms and insertion of Post Partum of Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD).

Permanent Methods :
Puerperal, Non-Puerperal Sterilizations, Laparoscopic Sterilizations along with Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) and Interval Laparoscopic Sterilization are being done for female acceptors.  Non-Scalpel Vasectomy for male acceptors is being done.
Our Operation Theatres are well equipped with latest equipments in DDK are used both in Operation Theatres and in Labor room.

    • Blood Storage :

We have two Blood storage units at Saidapet and Perumalpet EOCs for Emergencies which caters to the needs of the EOCs

    • Safe Abortion Clinics :

Medical Methods of Abortions (MMA) and Medical Terminal of Pregnancies is done in our EOCs which help to terminated unwanted pregnancies. It also prevents Septic Abortions.

  • Treatment of minor gynaec problem
    • Diet :

Our mothers are given free Nutritious diet during their hospital stay including special diet for Caesarean mothers.