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The History of Electrical Department dates back to 1910. Until then the lighting of the City was done by Oil lights. The street lamps were first introduced in 1785. Till 1857 there were only 200 oil light lamps. By the year 1910, there were 6500 oil lights. Electric street lighting was introduced for the first time, during 1910. The improvement of lighting on this account was so marked that the number of electric lights gradually increased till the year 1924-25, where all the lights were completely replaced by electric lights.

Street Lights

The Greater Chennai Corporation is now maintaining 2,48,467 street lights as mentioned below:

40 watt Tube lamp 19856
70 watt Sodium Vapour lamps 89422
150 watt Sodium Vapour lamps 22054
250 watt Sodium Vapour lamps


400 watt Sodium Vapour lamps 1684
 70 watt Metal Halide Lamps 33
150 watt Metal Halide lamps 676
250 watt Metal Halide lamps 1053
400 watt Metal Halide lamps 4599
13W L.E.D. Solar street lights 781
HW CFL Solar street lights 1056
40W LED street lights 44820
90W LED street lights  9713
150W LED street lights 4857
CFL Lights 6004
40W Induction lamp street lights 1377
150W Induction lamp street lights 20
200W Induction lamp street lights 35
Other type of lamps 1111
Total no. of Lights 248467


375 Nos. of High Mast lights and 133 nos. of 8meter and 12meter Lamp Post with Cluster lights are installed in places of Public gathering and important junctions have been installed and maintained by Greater Chennai Corporation.

Consumption and Cost

  • The Energy consumption towards burning of street lights is 26.78 MW.
  • The total consumption charges works out to Rs.607 lakshs per month.

The Electrical Department is mainly responsible for installation and maintenance of soeet lights and electrical maintenance of Corporation buildings, Parks, Playgrounds and burial grounds. The maintenance of street lights can be broadly classified in two categories (viz) underground cables & Light accessories. 58 Nos. of ladder vehicles are available at disposal to Department for attending maintenance work to street lights.

Special Nature of Works

Wireless sets have provided in all Zonal Offices and in the vehicles of Zonal Officers and other higher officers for easy communication in performing daily routine works of Greater Chennai Corporation. This is also useful during natural calamities, fire accidents and elections. In case of fire accidents occurring during night, temporary lights arrangements at the accident site and other emergency works are carried out by the night maintenance squad. 18 mobile high mast vehicles are being kept ready for these emergency works.

Officials in Electrical Department

Sl. No. Designation Mobile no.
1 Superintending Engineer/Electrical 9445190739
2 Divisional Electrical Engineer/Head Quarters 9445190751
3 Divisional Electrical Engineer/North (Zone 1 to 5) 9445190753
4 Divisional Electrical Engineer/Centre (Zone 6 to 10) 9445190754
5 Divisional Electrical Engineer/South (Zone 11 to 15) 9445190752

For Complaints

Incase of non burning of street lights in a particular zone, the concerned Zone Assistant Divisional Engineer (Electrical) may be contacted at the following mobile no. for redressal

Sl. No. Zone No. Zone  ADE Mobile No.
1 01 9445190041
2 02 9445190042
3 03 9445190043
4 04 9445190044
5 05 9445190045
6 06 9445190046
7 07 9445190047
8 08 9445190048
9 09 9445190049
10 10 9445190050
11 11 9445190051
12 12 9445190052
13 13 9445190053
14 14 9445190054
15 15 9445190055

Insufficient intensity of light

In order to improve the intensity of light, various steps are being taken by Greater Chennai Corporation.

     1.The short posts and uneven span of street lamp posts are being replaced by new street light.

     2.The old deteriorated cables which are causing voltage problem are replaced by new cable.

     3.The main problem of insufficient intensity of lights is due to branches of trees which are affecting the illumination on the roads. In such cases, pruning of trees are done, while attending the non-burning of lights by using cutters.

     4.The aged fitting which affects the illumination are replaced with new fitting

  • 375 Numbers of High Masts and 133 Numbers of 8 meter and 12 meter Lamp Post with Cluster lights are installed and maintained in the important road junction.
  • Total No of Street Lights                                ---------             2,48,467
  • 13787 Number of lights installed and maintained in the park and play fields
  • Area Covered                                                  ----------            426 Sq.Kms
  • Under Ground Cables are laid and being maintained in all the roads for street lights as a safety measure and it will minimize the faults when compared to over head lines.
  • Laying of underground cable will avoid any untoward accident during monsoon period
  • 58 Numbers of ladder Vehicles are being used for maintenance of street lights.


1 Superintending Engineer/Electrical Superintending Engineer/Electrical is the head of the department and is responsible for all the activities of the department.
2 Divisional Electrical Engineer Responsible for monitoring capital and Maintenance works and for support services for Zonal ADE’s coming under his control.
3 Assistant Divisional Engineer Responsible for initiating and executing capital and maintenance works, related to street lights and Electrification of Corporation building, Parks, Playgrounds and Burial ground.

4 Assistant Enginner / Juniour Engineer / Lighting Inspectors Responsible for maintenance of street lights capital works, under their jurisdiction.
5 Electrician Responsible for attending non-burning in street lights, maintenance of pillar boxes and   fuse boxes..
6 Jointer Responsible for identification and rectification of cable fault in the street lights.
7 Permanent Labour Attending non-burning of street lights and cable fault.